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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Picasso's places

We all know that Pablo Picasso spent his formative artistic years in Barcelona. El museu Picasso, the “museum to visit in Barcelona”, is located on the picturesque, aristocratic Carrer Montcada. The great Andalusian´s work is displayed in chronological order. And what a fascinating trip it is: drawings he made as an eight-year old, realistic portraits painted as a teenager, some masterpieces of the rose and blue periods, and so on.
And we at the hotel have just learned is that upon his return from Paris in 1901 Picasso lived just down the street at number 28 where, inspired by the bohemian atmosphere of the Raval, he painted many of his blue-period masterpieces. Today there is a nice little restaurant, La Biblioteca, at that address.

And speaking of eating places associated with Picasso try the iconic Els 4 Gats (The four cats). This Modernist landmark café was founded in 1897 to recreate the atmosphere of bohemian Paris and be a meeting place for Spain´s avant garde. Designed by Gaudi disciple Puig I Cadafalch Els 4 gats is now world famous because of Picasso who was a regular and had one of his first one-man shows there.

Here we would like to introduce our own painter Ferran Amezqueta. As you will remember paintings are found everywhere in the hotel: in the rooms, in the common sitting rooms, and especially on the ceiling of the breakfast room. These are originals by Ferran who is a cousin of the owner which helps the family and artistic feel of the hotel.

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