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Friday, 1 July 2011

Summer with children in Barcelona

If you are planning a little family vacation, Barcelona offers a whole range of unforgettable experiences for the children…and for the adults. Here are just a few:

The Zoo and the Ciutadella park is an open-air whole-day option, perfect for Barcelona’s climate. Zoos are always amusing for children. The iconic albino gorilla “Copito de nieve” (Snowflake) is no longer with us, but his memory lingers on and mingles with the dozens of species which will satisfy even the most demanding. Mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and especially lemurs which, due to the film “Madagascar”, are real favorites. Few children can resist singing “I like to move it” while passing by these cuddly creatures.
Alter the animal kingdom you can enjoy the Ciutadella park: have a little pick-nick under the trees, rent a bicycle with one or two seats, enjoy a rowboat ride on the lake surrounded by friendly ducks of all colors and sizes.

The Aquarium, a closed space surrounded by water, is a perfect option for sultry days. Unique in Europe it has an 80-meter tunnel, an immense oceanario, and 35 aquariums which use about 6 million liters of water and house 450 maritime species.
Specialists have loyally reproduced the natural habitat of each of the species. On Wednesdays and weekends divers swim among the sharks which adds a touch of emotion to the show.

The Parc Güell is Antoni Gaudi’s gift to children: It is a veritable pleasurehouse for children, with so many colors and shapes. Walking through this original space is a kind of dream with a surprise around every corner. The star of the show is “el drac” (the dragon) which has become not only the icon of the park, but also that of the entire city.

The Caixa Forum & Cosmo Caixa is a exhibition center which offers various activities for children in addition to its usual expositions. Caixa Forum offers art workshops, guided visits, films, and concerts all of which are related to the themes of the exhibits. It is for those who prefer science over art and loathe “Do not touch” signs.
Simple games teach the laws of physics by letting children experiment and use their imaginations. If outer space is your thing, this Tibidabo museum offers a planetarium which explains the origins and evolution of the Earth through images which are more than realistic.

La Illa Fantasia (Fantasy island) is not like the mythic television series, but it is an excellent way to spend a summer day with your family. It is an aquatic park with swimming pools (one especially equipped with hoops to play “waterbasketball”), toboggans of all sizes, a minigolf course, and a race track. You are sure to find everything you need to spend a great day: shops, restaurants, and even a picknick area equipped for grilling meat.
This “island” is not surrounded by water, but by Premia del Mar, a beautiful coast town.
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Betty Soapmaker (aka Phaedra Martin) said...

Also for kids: CAMP NOU! My boys are big fans, but even their cousins (who were not FC BARÇA fans) loved it.

hotel ramblas barcelona said...

tremendos lugares turísticos que ofrece Barcelona, y la oferta hotelera es muy variada.