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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Daytripping north of Barcelona

If you are spending several days in Barcelona and you want to get out for a day and get a little taste of the countryside we can recommend some wonderful daytrips.

Here are a few of our favourites, all relaxing, interesting and easy to get to by public transportation.Catch a train or bus in the morning and be back in plenty of time for dinner and a night on the town in Barcelona:

The Holy Sanctuary at Montserrat: An hour by train and a magnificent ten-minute cable-car ride brings you to the spiritual and patriotic epicentre of the Catalan nation.

From this mountain-top monastery on the top of a craggy mountain 1000 meters above Catalunya the views are spectacular, the natural beauty breathtaking. The story goes that in the year 800 La "moreneta" (The Black Madonna) was found in a nearby cave and this became a holy cave sanctuary and pilgrim site. Now there is a large monastery complex with a renowned choir.

The haunting area around the top of the mountain is strewn with caves and bizarre rock formations (Montserrat means “serrated mountain”) and is prefect for serious mountain climbers and casual hikers alike.

The walk to the cave and La moreneta is especially

intriguing.This is a must visit for anyone who wants to get a feel for the real Catalunya.

The Dalí Museum at Figueras: Figueras is a pleasant little town with one real distinction. It is the birthplace of 20th century iconic artist Salvador Dalí and the home of the eccentric museum he both conceived and designed. Called “the largest surreal object in the world” the museum is further out than Montserrat, both in distance and in surreal essence. It is an hour and a half train ride and then a twenty-minute walk from Barcelona.

Then you get “the new, unsuspected and hallucinatory world of Surrealism” as home boy Dali puts it and I couldn’t have said it better myself. As bizarre as his art may be it is very accessible and excellent for children who seem to love the place.

An example of his sense of humour is his digital Abraham Lincoln. The president’s facial cheeks morph into the butt cheeks of his soul mate/lover Gala as you squint at them.

If you are a fan of Dali and Surrealism or just a little curious this is a must side trip. As the quirky 20th century artist said “I am the drug… take me.”

These are two daytrips to the north of Barcelona. Our next post will take you to the south, to the charming resort town of Sitges and the sparkling wine country around it. Stay tuned and while you’re at it have a glass of cava with a friend. It is very relaxing.

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