Barcelona Skyline

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Go go go... Go Cars tours

Do you prefer exploring new cities on your own, without a guide? Would you like to drive around Barcelona, but worry about the high cost of rentals and parking? Then you just might go for a Go Car tour. You'll feel like your in an amusement park!

These little yelow cars have a GPS navigator, so there is no risk of getting lost. You choose the tour, the car will take you to the principal points of interest.

Go Cars Tours offers different routes. Choose the one-hour City Highlights Express tour; or the "All Day" tour, the 85-Euro option which gives you the easy-to-park Go Car for up to 21 hours.

Even in the fall, Barcelona has wonderful weather (oops.. maybe today is the exception, there is a light rain). So enjoy this open-air car all around the city. Go now... go Go Car.

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