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Friday, 6 March 2009

A bat in the city: Batman visits Barcelona

Even Batman has come to the conclusion that Barcelona is simply where you’ve got to be. It seems our dark hero gets a little bored with Gotham and decides to come to Gothic Barcelona for his next great comic-book adventure. In Mark Waid’s "Batman in Barcelona. The Dragon Knight" the Dark Knight lands in the great Catalan capital to solve a few mysterious murders. Tracking the villain, Batman stumbles through looming Gothic architecture and right into a dangerous international intrigue with a strange twist on the St. George- slays-the-dragon legend. It seems archenemy Killer Croc gets brainwashed into believing he is the saint, and Batman is the dragon, or something like that. All this is very fitting; St. Jordi (St. George) is the Catalonia’s patron saint and St. Jordi’s Day is right around the corner. See the recent blog to see how this day is celebrated in Barcelona. It might increase sales, or not.

The team behind this Gothic beauty is first class: Barcelona artists Diego Olmos and Maria Martínez take care of the graphics; super influential X-Men and Wildcats creator, Jim Lee, does the cover.

The simultaneous US/Spain release of this latest Batman comic will coincide with the grand opening of the 27º Salón Internacional del Cómic de Barcelona, the 29th May 2009. This exhibition will feature the First International Professional Comics Conference which will promote illustrations and artists and discuss the present and future of comics from various points-of-view.

So, comic buffs of the world, follow Batman’s lead and fly on over to Barcelona; be where the action is. And for all the rest of you Barcelona is still the place to be, Europe’s capital for having a great time.

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