Barcelona Skyline

Monday, 20 April 2009

Formula 1 in Barcelona

San Jordi with its roses, books, and romantic legends (see the spot below) is the traditional day for lovers in Barcelona. But for those with a very different kind of love, the love for the fast cars, smoking tires, and high-octane fuel we offer the always exciting Barcelona Grand Prix, which will kick off the European Formula One season May 8-10. Barcelona has hosted the Spanish Gran Prix every year since 1991. Once again Barcelona will be the center of the auto world. An estimated 500 million will be watching throughout the world.

All the big names will be in Barcelona and the circuit is just 12 miles away in the town of Montmelo. For just 11 Eur round-trip you can take a super quick and convenient train/bus combination from Passeig de Gracia (a 5 minute walk from the hotel) to the races. The qualifying sessions will take place on Friday and Saturday, the big race on Sunday.

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