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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Dinner with Gaudí

The summer in Barcelona is a perfect time to have dinner under de moonlight. And the night will be even more special if you try the dishes of the most famous chefs in Barcelona sitting at the roof of a very special place.

That's what Noches de Cocina offers: a tasting menu at the top of La Pedrera (also knowing as Casa Milá), an emblematic building designed by Antonio Gaudí.

Carles Gaig, Felip llufriu, Joan roca, Fina Puigdevall, Nandu Jubany and Carles Abello participate in this program. Each one of them have prepared a very special menu, which is offered to the people every thursday of July, plus Friday 24 July, for a fixed price of 65 Euros. It includes a variety of regional wines and cocktails.

As you can imagine, reservation is neccesary. Call at +34 902 101 212 and get a place on the top... of La Pedrera.

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