Barcelona Skyline

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Barcelona skyline from a luxury yacht

The Barcelona shoreline from the sea; what a great way to appreciate the nuances and beauty of the great city. We at the Hotel Principal had an opportunity to do just this on the luxury yacht of Gonzalo Calvo Asturgó, owner and skipper of Oceans Luxury and friend of the hotel.

It was a beautiful day and the skyline in all it´s glory as we headed toward France, first
through the Old Port, then past the beaches, the Modernist architecture, the Olympic village… And we had a nice drink as we watched the ever-challenging Barcelona shore.

The next time you are in Barcelona you can take a two-hour or a four-hour trip with Oceans Luxury, or even spend a whole luxurious week exploring, sailing, and fishing the Mediterranean islands of Ibiza, Formentera, and Mallorca. We went under the deck to see the sleeping accommodations; they would comfortably sleep 12, the perfect number according to Gonzalo.
If you are coming to Barcelona on business why not think about a fully catered on-board cocktail and business dinner? Or the shorter cruises around Barcelona? Or a week in the islands?

And for real yacht enthusiasts —or just the curious the May 15th yacht festival at Barcelona´s Port Vell (Old Port) will unofficially launch the Barcelona yacht season.

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Mark Brown said...

Last year, my sister got married in Barcelona.
A couple of weeks from now, I, too, am getting married. We are adopting my sister's yacht wedding. My friend who recently bought a luxurious yacht, is talking to the yacht transporter regarding the boat's arrival. I'm so excited. This is the most important day of my life. All I want is it to be perfect.