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Monday, 7 June 2010

Sonar Festival: the kids go first

The SonarKids 2010 festival will take place in Barcelona on 12th and 13th June. The second festival comes after the success of the first, which was attended by 5,300 spectators, including parents and children, and contained more than 40 activities. SonarKids 2010 doubles up over two days of activities, workshops, shows and surprises for the whole family, in the CCCB and MACBA venues.

The music line-up of the SonarKids festival will include top drawer artists who will be adapting their styles or even creating new ones especially for an event as unusual as this one.

SonarKids features numerous creative activities and workshops. Some of them are specifically designed for parents and children to be able to enjoy the experience together, while in others the boys and girls at SonarKids will be doing it for themselves.

This all happens in a space that is especially adapted for family audiences, with all types of facilities for parents and a new infrastructure which will be adapted to the world of children in terms of size and sound. SonarKids continues to be a new concept in family leisure, conceived by Sónar so that both parents and children enjoy music, workshops, art and technology together, over two days that are ideal for learning while playing, and having a good time.

Dancing, learning and having a good time is what it's all about!

Source: Sonar official website.

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