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Friday, 15 October 2010

The race "of the year"

The New Year Eve parties in Barcelolna are ok, but if you want to usher out the old year in and original way, the Nassos-San Silvestre race is for you.
Once again, at 5.30 pm on 31 December, thousands of runners, male and female, will be taking to the streets to overcome the winter cold and run the required 10 kilometres. Although they say the most important thing is playing the game, winning this one isn't all that bad since the grand prize is 1,000 Euros and the second place is 600 Euros.
There are still some months to go before it takes place, but the registration period has now opened. Those who don't want to miss the opportunity to take part should bear in mind that this year there are only 9,500 places available.
ou can sign up online until midnight on 26 December but you will not be able to sign up in person until 9 December. The entry fee is €13.

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