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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The world's greatest pop flamenco: festival De Cajón

Barcelona has always been one of the great centers of flamenco. And the sixth edition of the Flamenco festival De Cajón will be in Barcelona through March. This is an absolute must for all lovers of flamenco, a great introduction to this music which has been named patrimony of humanity by UNESCO, and a special gift to those interested in seeing how flamenco blends with more contemporary trends. Any concert at the great luxurious modernist music palace El Palau de la Musica is an event and this season three of the greatest names in popular Spanish music will be performing there.

Rosario Flores will be playing the Palau on February 25 by popular demand. "The hurricane who leaves her skin on the stage at every concert and her soul in every ballad" will be presenting her latest album Raskatriski and is living proof that pop, rock, funk, and rumba can coexist in the same musical soul, and the same concert.

Some of us at the hotel have already booked our tickets for our personal favorite, KikoVeneno. More of a popular hybrid than a pure flamenco singer, he burst on the scene in 1977 with Veneno (poison) the most important record in the history of Spanish rock in the opinion of many. He will do the Palau on March 3.

But the performer getting the most buzz in is Estrella Morente (Palau, March 25.) Always great there will be a little extra since her father, the legendary Enrique Morente, passed away recently.

The fourth superstar is flamenco guitarist Vicente Amigo: simply the best. He is performing at the Teatre Josep Marta de Sagarra in Santa Coloma, a bit of a trip but a great destination for the more adventurous.

There are lesser-known stars playing at the more intimate (and less expensive) spots of Luz de Gas Club and the Harlem Jazz Club. We are especially intrigued by the group Maruja and their fusion of flamenco, progressive rock, and American folk and plan to go.

For a complete list of concerts and to buy your tickets click here.

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