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Friday, 18 March 2011

Vintage Car Rally in Barcelona

If you are the nostalgic kind, you cannot miss the Barcelona-Sitges Vintage Car Rally, on the next weekend (26-27 May).
It was first held in 1959 as an initiative of the Sitges Tourist Board. The rally was created in order to give the town a social event it could take part in during the winter months and to fulfil the wishes of many vintage car aficionados who wanted to take part in an event of this kind and enjoy their vehicles.
The Sitges Rally has become one of the main highlights on the region's social calendar. The departure from Barcelona’s Plaça Sant Jaume attracts hundreds of people and, over the years, there have been increasing numbers of participants from beyond our borders, including France, Germany, Andorra, England, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Poland and the United States.
Catalonia is the region of Spain that attracts the most participants, but a great many cars take part from Zaragoza, Teruel, Logroño, Madrid, Valencia, Cadiz, Segovia, Seville and Vizcaya.
The rally isn’t just an endurance trial for the cars; all the drivers and their companions dress in costumes from the period when the car they are competing in was built. The winning driver will be awarded the Elegance Grand Prix which AUDI has been offering for a number of years now.
The show begins saturday 26 at 11:00, in the Passeig Lluís Companys, close to Arc de Triunf and not far from Hotel Principal, with the exhibition of the cars which will be participating.


Tahir Iqbal said...

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Nita Stelling said...

Wow, it must have been really cool if I had witnessed such one-of-a-kind rally. So there was actually a competition involved? What were the criteria? I bet the costumes of the participants were also taken into consideration. Attending that car rally must be like going back in time. Aah, I can already feel nostalgia just by looking at those photos!