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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Palau Guell reopens its doors

The 26th of May was a big day for Barcelona and all lovers of the iconic Barcelona architect, Antoni Gaudí. You probably know the Park Güell and The Sagrada Familia, but now you can now contemplate The Palau Güell another side of this universal genius, and right around the corner from the Hotel Principal.

The Palau Güell is the only example of domestic architecture that Gaudí finished. It is another example of his far-out skill, vision, and genius. The building is a UNESCO World Heritage spot in recognition of its universal artistic value. After a long, careful restoration the Palau Güell was once again opened to the public.
We at the hotel went to the Palau today. The lines were just too long the other days.

And what a restoration it is. The whole thing is magnificent. Ceramics, wrought iron, glass, and wood. A unique living space from the old stables in the basement with its large mushroom-shaped pillars to the roof terrace which gives a fantasy view of Barcelona through its variously shaped chimneys. You have the usual Gaudí touches: twisted metal works, colored windows, ceramic-covered chimneys, most all from local materials. All in his eclectic style which combines the Hispano-Muslim with Art Nouveau.

We took the audiotour which is great, complete with anecdotes about the Güell family, music from the time, etc. This is a must see and is exactly a seven minute walk from the hotel.

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