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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Say "Cheese"!

If you think that the cheese is just cheese, think again. You just haven't been to "Cheese me", a restaurant where all the dishes have something in common...

This is the original idea, that the owners describe on their website:

"Cheese takes the role of protagonist and mainstay of CheeseMe in order to offer pleasure and innovation in a world full of surprises for cheese lovers, and to lovers of new sensations as well.

CheeseMe offers something new in Barcelona: a creative kitchen based on a wide variety cheeses from a number of different countries. The restaurant offers cheese-based tapas, soups, salads and homemade cheese trays of European and Spanish origin. The menu even features desserts and ice creams made with cheese. And for those who are not so addicted, CheeseMe offers a selection of anti-cheese dishes".

You can try the beef carpaccio with Parmegiano reggiano, tortellini filled with mushrooms and the typical Basque cheese Idiazabal, or the Manchego cheese lasagna.

The restaurant is located in the "Born", where you can also find a lot of bars, ice cream shops and, most importantly, a very fun atmosphere.

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