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Thursday, 26 February 2009

It's raining candy... hallelujah!

A sweet celebration: that’s what they call Sant Medir’ s Day. To remember this Christian martyr a parade is organized with cars, horses, and most importantly, a sweet candy rain .

Gracia is a typical neighborhood a few subway stops from the center of town. Every March 3 candy is thrown from cars weaving their way through the narrow streets. Children and adults alike form crowds throughout the entire quarter. They come for the show and for something nice to chew and suck on. And they won't be disappointed; the organizers are counting with almost 100 tons of candy, enough for everybody, even those with a real sweet tooth.

The tradition began in 1828. A aging baker from Gracia begged Sant Medir (who had been dead for 500 years) to restore his youthful health and vigor. When the miracle happened the grateful baker made the obligatory pilgrimage to the saint’s shrine, and along the way he gave candy to everyone he found.

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