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Monday, 8 June 2009

Even Tutankhamon loves Barcelona

A short walk down the Ramblas from the Hotel Principal, at the Maritim Museum, a massive state-of-the-art exhibit dedicated to the burial chambers of King Tut will be on display from June 6 to September 6. Through the museum-quality replicas of mankind’s most fascinating tomb and its treasures you can experience the exotic Valley of the Kings with its cult of the dead, gods, dynasties, and enigmatic hieroglyphics. Tutankhamen´s tomb with more than 1000 relics and treasures have been faithfully reconstructed to scale by the finest Egyptian craftsmen using ancient techniques and will give you a haunting three-dimensional glimpse of the opulent, mysterious offerings that were to accompany the king on his trip into the Underworld.
It was 87 years ago that the burial chambers of the unknown Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun were discovered and since then King Tut has become a kind of archeological superstar. The enigmatic son of the god-king Echnaton and – presumably – of his celebrated consort Nefertiti, Tutankhamun became pharaoh at the tender age of seven, but died under mysterious circumstances at about the age of 19 . You can follow the fascinating discovery of the tomb and the enigmatic legend of King Tut through the original photos of the original excavations.

The whole state-of-the-art virtual tomb is a prime example of the new wave of virtual historic monuments which safeguards the precious originals safe from mass tourism. In fact these burial and treasure chambers cannot be seen in this form anywhere else in the world; Tutankhamen’s original tomb in the Valley of Kings are now almost completely empty, their original treasures safely behind glass in the Egyptian National Museum in Cairo. The tomb´s awesome size, space, and eerie color can only be experienced through the wonders of virtual archaeology. There are also guided lectures and interactive exhibits and extra readings and much more.

This is truly an event you cannot afford to miss.

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