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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Music & fun for children: Sonar Kids 2009

Barcelona´s International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art (The Festival Sónar de Música Avanzada y Arte Multimedia de Barcelona) is already a theiving institution. But the17th annual addition (18-20 June) will have a new twist. On the 21st the first ever Sonar Kids will be celebrated on.

According to the official web of Sonar Kids “Children will learn by enjoying music and art in a way they have never done up til now”, their creativities will be stimulated. Children will be able to interact in new forms of instrumentation and composition using robotics and technology.
Well-known kids illustrator Jordi Labanda will make portaits of children and teach illustrating techniques. Some of the festival´s singers themselves will tweek their music for the new audience. Laurent Garnier, the well-known DJ and techno-music producer, was present at the first Sonar and wanted to be in the first Kids Sonar.
A striking idea comes from France in the form of the hiphop puppets of Puppetmastaz which already have extensive experience with the young public. Another zone will be dedicated to skate and especially to fingerskate a very particular mini-variation of this sport which consists of learning to skate using your fingers. There will also be workshops in beatboxing, dj, and hip-hop.
All in all, it should be a very original and enjoyable experience.

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